Who Am I ?

Lucy ‘helping’ by sitting on the mouse pad

Welcome to Thought Food.

Here’s a bit about me:

I am a writer, small animal veterinarian, and mental health advocate.

My last meal would include coffee, wine, chocolate, and cake…not necessarily in that order.

My favourite sounds are my cats purring, rain, a match being struck to light a candle, my children laughing, and the sound of my husband’s keys turning in the front door.

For more of my favourites, check out the gallery below.

I love that point in a conversation with someone new when it crosses from superficialities into authentic common ground.

I can’t stand cliques.

I’ve lived in Germany, Saudia Arabia, Australia, and the UK.

I am very happy I didn’t live my adult life in the 1950s, because housework is not my strong point… No really:

My fruit bowl doubles as a filing system for bills or school notes to be actioned.

I have lived with Bipolar 1 Disorder since 2006. This has afforded me access to experiences I never could have imagined had I not developed it. I now know what symptoms of mania, delusional thinking, psychosis, and catatonic depression feel like. This illness has also brought some of my most precious friends into my life, so I don’t wish it away. It has taught me how to optimise the times when I am well, because when it sweeps in, it breaks me. When this happens, I have to rebuild myself from nothing.

I have written a memoir detailing my experiences, and signed a publishing contract with Austin Macauley Publishers in 2019.  For more on how I got there you can check out: Accepted: Crumbs To Canary Wharf

As you can see I am not one dimensional, so this blog won’t be either. There will be a bit of all of me in my posts. But for many posts the emphasis will be on mental wellness and/or illness. I am passionate about destigmatising mental illness through my lived experience.

Whatever the subject matter – my aim is for all the content to be Thought Food for you. So, if my posts get you thinking about, and better still –  talking about, commenting on, and sharing them…I’ll be happy.