Radio And Podcast Interviews

Link to podcast of my Conversations Interview on ABC Radio:

Reconstructing a life after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder

with Richard Fidler

50mins 20secs

Originally Recorded in October 2014

Aired again for Mental Health Week in October 2017

Link to podcast of my interview with Dr Andy Roark about mental health in the veterinary profession and the challenges of veterinary work during Covid-19

31 May 2020

Link to ABC Radio National’s All In The Mind podcast episode on ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) that I was a contributor and interviewee for:

19 July 2020

Link to iheart radio’s 3pm pick up interview on my experience with Bipolar 1 Disorder with reference to Kanye West’s situation:

22 July 2020

Link to my podcast interview with Dr Kimberley Khodakah about the intersection of my veterinary career and episodes of mental ill health

14 October 2020

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